Karen H. Salup

All art © Karen H. Salup. All rights Reserved.

The Racer    41W x 55H

Color Spectrum    31W x 41H

Rhapsody In Blue    52W x 68H

    For three decades, Karen H Salup has been intriguing audiences across the country with her paintings. A native New Yorker, Karen’s work has been featured in several galleries and exhibits throughout New York with solo shows at Viridian and Jain Marunouchi.
    A member of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA), Salup has won awards for her contributions to their national exhibits. Using acrylic, watercolor, and pastels on canvas and paper, Salup creates a world that vibrates with bold colors and bright light paired with brushstrokes that evoke a strong sense of movement and energy.  Her paintings begin with a theme of nature, but invariably evolve into an imaginative creation that invites interpretation from the audience.  While many artists choose to paint in only one genre, Karen’s work is influenced by all styles and runs the gamut from Impressionism to Deconstructionism to Abstract Expressionism.

Concerto V   31W x 38H

Concerto I    31W x 38H

Metamorphosis   32W x 46H

Concerto IV   31W x 38H

Blues Bouquet   36W x 48H

Long Island University, BFA, Greenvale N.Y.
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, N.Y.
School of Visual Arts, NYC
Studied with Marilyn Mayer, Bob Yusuda, Gerry Samuels, Gerry Okimoto