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Artist Receptions are held for each event. Cash prizes and/or ribbons are awarded while attendees view the show, mingle and enjoy refreshment.


"Artistic Creations"

APRIL 1 – APRIL 30th

Take-in: April 1, 10am to Noon (updated 1/17)

Reception: April 5, 1pm to 3pm

​Take Down: April 30, 10am to Noon (updated 1/17)


West Boca Imaging Center Show - ​October 26 thru April 23

NOTE: PICK UP DATE CHANGE April 24, 2019, 10:00 am to 10:30 am

7070 W Palmetto Park Road​, Boca Raton, FL

WITVA Exhibit "Boca Imaging Center" is open

Mon. thru Fri. 9AM to 5PM

Exhibition Chair West Boca Imaging Center: Edie F. Minkoff, (561) 989-8786, witva2013@gmail.com



"Visions" with the Teachers of Palm Beach County

March 13 – May 2

Take Down: May 2, 11am to 5pm

Show entry forms are available to be downloaded from this page as soon as they become available. Entry forms are also available at our monthly  Member meetings. Use the "contact us" form on this site if you are having trouble getting a show application. See individual entry form for details on fees and rules, and duration which may be different for each show.

All shows are on a "first come, first served" basis.


Juried exhibitions for our Artist Members are held in a variety of venues throughout the year. At least two of our shows are open to all South Florida artists over the age of 18, and includes both men and women.

Three fine art categories are considered:

1. Two-Dimentional Art: This category includes drawings, paintings, photography, printmaking and mixed media

2. Sculpture: This includes sculptures of stone, metal, wood, glass, clay, ceramic and fiber

3. Handmade Jewelry: This requires all jewelry pieces to be made by hand. Ready-made beads for example, are not accepted.

Information on how to become an Artist  Member with exhibiting status can be obtained by contacting our Jury Chairperson, listed on our Contact page. Members are given three opportunities per year to "jury-in". Application and information for download is available. Click on the Membership tab.